Small island. Big adventure.

Whether you want to play in the mountains, forest, or sea, Bowen Island offers an abundance of outdoor activities.


Paddle to a secluded beach for the day or enjoy a longer overnight excursion to nearby islands.

Standup Paddleboarding

Cruise the shoreline and ride the waves in this fun and easy activity for everyone.


Experience an extended learn-at-sea vacation or an afternoon lesson closer to shore.

Open-water Swimming

Learn to swim beyond the protected shore and be exposed to the wild nature of open water.


Slip on a mask and observe the extraordinary life beneath the sea.

Scuba Diving

Explore the fascinating treasures that exist beneath the surface of Howe Sound.


Choose a trail to fulfill your desire from lakeside stroll to forest trek to mountain summit.


Practice your balance and focus while visiting stunning natural locations around the island.

Trail Running

Take in the scenery as you take on Bowen’s easy to challenging forest and mountain trails.


Search for treasures of the edible kind and learn how to harvest food from the forest and the sea.

Nature Walks

Learn to appreciate the natural world through educational ecological excursions.


Find the best spots to catch a glimpse of some of the over 60 noted species on the island.

Horseback Riding

Build a connection with these awesome animals and learn skills that will help you tackle life.


Engage in a friendly competition navigating your way through unfamiliar terrain by map and compass.

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a quest to find some of Bowen Island’s delightful hidden treasures.


Challenge yourself to new heights by learning to climb in a stunning location.

Mountain Biking

Ride trails built by a legendary pioneer of the famous North Shore style trails.

Road Cycling

Attack Bowen’s hilly roads by bike and propel yourself to places unknown.