Mystery Fun Adventure (Various outdoor activities)

May 25, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Bowen Island, BC
$250 + GST

Mystery Fun Adventure

Take a chance on doing something unexpected right in your own backyard

In this adventure, you won’t actually find out what the activity is until you show up on the day. By definition, adventure means “to take the risk”. And while this means many things to many people, there’s nothing more adventurous than saying yes to the unknown.

In the spirit of fun, we put on our thinking caps (or in Baz’s case, his cowboy hat) and dreamed up a variety of people-powered adventures that highlight Bowen’s natural gifts and share some of our favourite Bowen experiences. Some activities are physically challenging, some are awe-inspiring, and some are educational – most are all of the above. For each outing, we will choose a unique adventure most suitable to the conditions and time of year. Or it might just be what feels fun in the moment.

This is an opportunity to get outside your comfort zone (at least out of your house) and open yourself up to whatever exciting experience awaits you. You might discover lesser explored regions of the island or try something you’ve never before imagined yourself doing.

While we cannot guarantee what your experience will be (it’s an adventure, after all), the probable outcomes include:

• Remembering that life is supposed to be fun (even in the difficult moments)
• Learning something new
• A greater appreciation for the outdoors
• A sense of freedom
• A physical workout
• Boosted energy
• Fulfillment and the feeling of accomplishment

If you dream of having more adventure in your life, now’s your chance. Be bold and join us for some mystery fun.