For those who desire to have fun outdoor experiences

in a relaxed island setting, Bowen Island Adventures is

a learning-based adventure company that provides

unique activities and programs that share the wonders

Bowen Island and the natural world have to offer.

Small is beautiful

Bowen is a small island most harmonious for receiving small groups. Every adventure experience is designed for 2 to 8 people to minimize impact and maximize enjoyment.

Learn from the locals

Bowen Island is abounding with naturalists, outdoor lovers, and sporting authorities. Bowen Island Adventures collaborates with locals who are experts in their fields and provides opportunities for them to share their passions with you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Have fun

We delight in creating unique-to-Bowen experiences so that you can make the most of your exploration of the outdoors. Let us take care of the planning and logistics, you take care of enjoying yourself.

Quiet adventure

What is cherished about island living is its serenity. Bowen Island Adventures focuses on offering people-powered adventures so that everyone can savour their peace with only the occasional whoop of delight to interrupt the tranquility.

Discover something new

Every outing is a fresh chance to engage with the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. You may encounter unfamiliar critters, make friends in the form of fellow adventurers and island residents, or perhaps even meet a new side of yourself.

Grow through education

Through participating in learning experiences, together we can expand our perceptions of each other, the world we live in, and what we are capable of as human beings.