Director of Adventure

Kiley Redhead

Kiley moved to Bowen Island from the city of Vancouver in 2012 and didn’t know at the time that this incredible place would become home – or more accurately, would bring her home to herself. Living immersed in a beautiful natural setting allowed her to connect with a sense of well-being. By exploring the world right outside her door, she remembered that life is meant to be enjoyed. Adventure on Bowen Island has brought out the best in her and she believes it has the transformative capacity to do the same for others.

See Kiley at play
In Charge of Fun

Baz Cardinal

Baz believes every adventure begins with coffee, involves outdoor fun, and ends with beer, preferably West Coast craft beer. On sunny days, you will usually find him climbing. You will know it’s him if you hear his signature holler of “Whoop! Whoop!” from high up above.

See Baz at play