And so… the adventure begins!

Sometimes a business idea is so obvious you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before.

For years I have been moving towards the realization of Bowen Island Adventures and yet only recently it became clear to me as a crystallized idea. And now is the time to allow this idea to become a reality.

The photo above was taken on one of my hikes to Bowen’s tallest peak, Mt. Gardner. As I set out that particular morning, the air was thick with mist so I knew the mountain would be enshrouded with cloud and I would not be receiving the reward of the stunning 360° view that usually awaits at the top. This awareness helped me establish my mindset for the trek. Instead of focusing on the destination, I decided to relax and enjoy each step along the way. What I noticed was I savoured the experience more than usual – the greenness of the trees, the fresh scent of the air, the sparkling dew drops that clung to the spiderwebs, the softness of the trail beneath my feet. At every moment, I appreciated exactly where I was and the simple fact that I was able to walk the trail at all. Obviously, this is a metaphor for any venture: to remember the joy is in the journey.

The joy is in the journey

When we release the need to achieve some sort of result or reach a goal for our happiness, we discover we are happy with what is. As I move forward in this business, I expect most days will be bright, though likely a few will be bleak. There will be times when I take giant leaps and others when I get stuck and will need to confront challenging obstacles. What’s at the end of this journey is unknown from where I stand now. My desire is to revel in the unfolding of bringing this business into the world and not concern myself with where the path is leading me.

As I continue to create Bowen Island Adventures, I look forward to navigating the terrain with it’s inevitable peaks and valleys. I anticipate it will be a thrilling adventure, hopefully with no end in sight. See you here!