Every adventure is a story. Every story is an adventure.

Good to Know
November 19, 2018

10 ways you know you’re “not” a climber

Climbing is not a sport people feel ambivalent about. Some gravitate towards it with obsession. Others question why anyone would get up for it at all. If you’re not sure yet which…
August 15, 2018

The advantages of people-powered adventure

Outdoor activities can be propelled by many sources; we are most enthusiastic about expending energy of the human kind. Your heart is pounding. Your lungs are heaving. Your muscles are…
Good to KnowIsland Flavour
July 21, 2018

An islander’s guide to visiting Bowen for city folk

You are excited to escape the city and set sail for your island getaway. You can already smell the salty sea air and feel the warm sun on your face.…
Island Flavour
June 25, 2018

Six ways to cool off on a hot day

This summer we’ve already experienced scorching heat, sweaty brows, and sunburns – and it’s only June. With summer comes long days of sunshine, providing plenty of time for outdoor adventures.…
InspirationIsland Flavour
June 6, 2018

Watch adventure films uniquely Bowen

At first glance, you might wonder what locals get up to on Bowen, but there is more to see and do than meets the eye. When you arrive off the…
Island Flavour
May 21, 2018

Best places to rest in between adventures on Bowen

From earthy to elegant, Bowen’s welcoming lodgings have got you covered for the night. Even though the island is close to the City, why spend only one day in paradise…
Island Flavour
May 7, 2018

Four outdoorsy events to check out this summer

Whether you want to be inspired by other people’s stories or get your own feet wet, adventure is waiting for you. These festivities are about celebrating the great outdoors, they…
April 23, 2018

Why slacklining is good for you

I remember my first time getting on a slackline, or more accurately, ‘trying’ to get on the line. My leg was shaking and swinging as if it had a mind of…
April 9, 2018

How to enjoy rainy day adventures

You peer out your window and see grey mist through a cascade of water dripping from your eaves. For most, this scene doesn’t exactly elicit gleeful shouts of “Woohoo, let’s…