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The advantages of people-powered adventure

By August 15, 2018January 6th, 2020Inspiration

Outdoor activities can be propelled by many sources; we are most enthusiastic about expending energy of the human kind.

Your heart is pounding. Your lungs are heaving. Your muscles are on fire. Your senses are awake with the sweet smells and sounds of your surroundings. Your mind is rapt by the natural beauty. You are having the best time! Whether you are paddling out in the open sea or descending off the mountain trail, moving under your own power is one of the most satisfying aspects of having outdoor adventures. Physical exertion provides innumerable benefits to ourselves and to the world around us. Not to mention, you can eat a whole pizza with great gusto.

Kindness to yourself

The obvious benefits of outdoor physical activity are that it enriches our health and overall well-being in so many ways:

  • Increases fitness, improves mobility, and boosts energy.
  • You have way more fun. It’s the difference between sitting up in the stands watching the game or being down on the field playing in the game.
  • It expands what you believe you are capable of, especially when trying something for the first time or exploring a new location.
  • Being immersed in a stunning outdoor setting is a natural mood enhancer.
  • To excel in a particular activity (or at the least not get injured), you are required to slow down and be mindful of yourself and your environment, which increases your ability to be present.
  • Over time, you realize it’s a miracle that your body can move at all, you develop more appreciation for your body.
  • To delight in nature – the birds flitting amongst berry bushes, the soft whisper of wind against your face, the sound of snow crunching underfoot – reconnects you with your own nature.
  • Exploring new territories gives a sense of freedom.
  • Whether or not you summit that mountain or achieve your top running time on the trail, you build confidence simply by putting yourself out there and giving it your best.
  • Feel the euphoria of simply being aware that you are alive.

Kindness to the environment

It is by choosing to play in nature that we tend to develop respect for the very environment in which we roam. People-powered adventures can help minimize our environmental impact:

  • Reduces noise pollution. Other than the occasional whoop of delight, there isn’t much intrusive noise.
  • Eliminates air and water pollution that is generated from carbon-fuel–sourced rides.
  • Immersing oneself in the natural ecosystem invokes a desire to protect and preserve.
  • Sharing space with wild animals, we learn to build a respectful relationship with wildlife.
  • There more we experience in the outdoors, the more we understand how necessary it is to honour nature as a sacred space. Let’s do our best, shall we?

If you’d like to experience that end-of-the-day sense of fulfillment that arises from having stepped out of your comfort zone and into the great outdoors, join us for your next self-powered adventure. Choose your activity.

Kiley Redhead

Director of Adventure

Kiley believes adventure brings out the best in her and it has the capacity to do the same for others.

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