Why slacklining is good for you

I remember my first time getting on a slackline, or more accurately, ‘trying’ to get on the line. My leg was shaking and swinging as if it had a mind of its own, which induced a hearty laughing fit.

Slacklining is the skill of balancing or walking on a dynamic line. It originated with climbers who used webbing and anchors to replicate circus lines for the purpose of performing tricks. Recently, it has evolved into a captivating sport that attracts all types of adventurous souls. Laughter is one of the many benefits it has to offer. Not only is it fun, it has been proven to be good for you:


Relieves stress

One of the keys to success on the line is having a quiet mind. The less thought, the less wobble. Being fully focused in the moment creates a meditative state which helps alleviate the worries and frustrations of every day life. As mentioned above, slacklining also makes for many amusing moments. Everyone who starts out is humbled by its learning curve. It reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.


Builds community

While slacklining appears to be an individual sport, it’s actually fantastic at building community. Wherever we set up a line, curious passersby always stop and chat with us. They are intrigued by its novelty. Within a slackline group, there is constant encouragement and support every time someone steps up. We celebrate each others willingness to persevere.


Develops appreciation for nature

Most slacklining is done outside, often in the forest or at the beach, settings which naturally inspire. Even the act of seeking out a suitable spot to set up a line invites a more attentive look at our surroundings. Wherever we go, we are on the constant lookout for sturdy trees of a certain girth and distance apart. It makes us aware of how much diversity exists in nature.


Promotes a healthy body

From the moment you step on the line, almost every muscle group is activated, especially your core. While playing on the line, your whole body is getting an awesome workout and you don’t even realize it. Numerous medical studies have shown that slacklining improves muscular reflexes, balance, coordination, posture, and agility.

Slacklining is an activity available to people of every age and ability. We enjoy it for all its benefits, but most of all for the way it keeps us young at heart.

If you would like a hand at getting your feet on the line, join us for our next slacklining adventure. We enjoy supporting those who want to try slacklining for the first time. Learn more.

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